If you don’t know what abbreviations like 1TG, OAR, BINGO, WD, YAW, GTG, AFK or ROFLMAO mean then this up to date list of bingo chat terms is definitely for you 🙂

(The abbreviations above taken from a live chat means: One To Go, I’m On A Roll .. BINGO!! Well Done, You Are a Winner .. Got To Go, Away From Keyboard, Rolling On The Floor Laughing My A** OFF) 


Bingo is basically a social game and many come to the bingo halls not only to play but also to socialize with other players. Many bingo sites therefore also have a chat feature that players can use to communicate and socialize as a community.

On the internet the communication goes pretty fast and it is a bit more cumbersome to write than to speak therefore it is quite common to use many abbreviations in the chat rooms. These abbreviations can be difficult to remember and keep track of, especially for many new bingo players. It is therefore good with lists like this one of the most common abbreviations in online bingo.

What is Bingo Lingo?

Bingo Lingo is the different terms, nicknames and abbreviations that are used in bingo. One of the main reasons why many people play bingo online or go to bingo halls is because they truly enjoy socializing and interacting with other players. Therefore it is important to learn the language and nicknames used in bingo rooms today.

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Bingo chat terms

What does 1TG mean in bingo?

1TG means: One to go

1TG can also mean: One to go until BINGO!

What does 2TG mean in bingo?

2TG means: Two to go

2TG can also mean: Two to go until BINGO!

What does 3TG mean in bingo?

3TG means: Three to go

3TG can also mean: Three to go until BINGO!

What does *S* mean?

*S*means: Smile

What does B) mean?

B) means: Smiley with sunglasses

What does BTW mean?

BTW means: By The Way

What does ASAP mean?

ASAP means: As soon as possible

What does GL/GLA/GLE mean in bingo?

GL means: Good Luck

GLA means: Good Luck All

GLE means: Good Luck Everyone

What does FH/FFH mean in bingo?

FH means: Full House

FFH means: For Full House

What does GG mean?

GG means: Good Game

GG can also mean: Good Going

What does NT mean?

NT means: Nearly There

What does BB/BRB/BBS/BBL mean in bingo?

BB means: Bye Bye

BRB means: Be Right Back

BBS means: Be Back Soon

BBL means: Be Back Later

What does WD/WDW/WDWS mean in bingo?

WD means: Well Done

WDW means: Well Done Winner

WDWS means: Well Done Winners

What does TY/TYVM mean?

TY means: Thank You

TYVM means: Thank You Very Much

What does YW/YVW mean?

YV means: Your Welcome

YVW means: Your Very Welcome

What does XO mean?

XO means: hugs and kisses

(X) = kiss

(O) = hug

What does SRY mean?

SRY means: Sorry

What does WB mean?

WB means: Welcome back

What does WTG mean in bingo?

WTG means: Way to go

What does JP mean in bingo?

JP means: Jackpot

What does OAR mean in bingo?

OAR means: On A ROLL

What does YNT mean in bingo?

YNT means: You’re Nearly There

What does GTG mean?

GTG means: Got To Go

What does ROFL mean?

ROFL means: Roll On The Floor Laughing

What does LMAO mean?

LMAO means: Laughing My A** Off

What does JK mean?

JK means: Just kidding

What does LTNS mean?

LTNS means: Long Time No See

What does LOL mean?

LOL means: Laugh Out Loud

What does UL mean?

UL means: Unlucky

What does NP mean?

NP means: No Problem

What does NW mean?

NW means: No Worries

What does TT/TTFN mean in bingo?

TT means: Ta Ta

TTFN means: Ta Ta For Now

What does GM/GN mean?

GM means: Good Morning

GN means: Good Night

What does ?4u mean?

?4u means: I have a question for you

What does roomie mean in bingo?

Roomie means: Another player in the same bingo room.

What does YOLO mean?

YOLO means: You only live once.

What does SMH mean?

SMH means: Shaking My Head

What does PJP mean?

PJP means: Progressive Jackpot

What does GLNG mean?

GLNG means: Good Luck Next Game

What does GTSY mean?

GTSY means: Good To See You

What does *H* mean?

*H* means: Hug

What does *K* mean?

*K* means: Kiss

What does *W* mean?

*W* mean: Wink

What does *G* mean?

*G* mean: Grin, but it can also mean giggle depending on the situation.

What does SO mean?

SO means: Shout out

What does SWL mean?

SWL means: Screaming with laughter

What does HF mean?

HF means: Have fun

What does SYS mean?

SYS means: See you soon

What does OMG mean?

OMG means: Oh my God

What does TMI mean?

TMI means: Too much information

What does THX mean?

THX means: Thanks

What does TOY mean?

TOY means: Thinking of you

What does L8R mean?

L8R means: Later

What does TTYL mean?

TTYL means: Talk to you later

What does GR8 mean?

GR8 means: Great

What does PM mean?

PM means: Private message

What does TC mean?

TC means: Take care

What does PPL mean?

PPL means: People

Bingo Nicknames

In bingo there are a lot of different nicknames for the bingo calls, from number one that is called “Kelly’s Eye” all the way up to number 90 (called “Top of the shop”).

Number Bingo nickname
1 Kelly’s Eye
2 One little duck
3 You and me
4 Knock at the door
5 Man alive
6 Half a dozen[
7 Lucky (number seven)
8 Garden gate
9 Doctor’s Orders
10 Den
.. ..
90 Top of the shop

Costa Bingo has made this great video illustrating different bingo calls.

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